How Customised Employment enabled Ryan to surpass everyone’s expectations

Corinna Gilligan explains how creative thinking and exploration of Customised Employment enabled her son Ryan to surpass everyone's expectations

Corinna will share how she, her family, and Ryan’s support team have explored Customised Employment for Ryan to set up a couple of micro-enterprises. You will hear:

  • how Ryan’s family have approached the Discovery process and what they have learned about his strengths, interests, and contributions during and after school
  • how the Discovery process continues to evolve
  • having encountered low expectations at Ryan’s school about his abilities, what they did to create opportunities for Ryan’s work experience in years 10 – 12
  • how they set up microenterprises focused on recycling and woodwork to provide opportunities to learn more about Ryan’s interests.


Meet Corinna Gilligan

Portrait of Ryan and Corinna GilliganCorinna is a teacher who has lived and worked on four continents. She is now enjoying living in Canberra, where she hopes to put down her roots.

Corinna is also the mother of three amazing young men who have taught her much about life and challenge her to be the best she can be every day. She and her youngest son Ryan have set up a multi-faceted recycling micro-enterprise centred around his many talents.