Who are you? The evolving role of Job Supporter – Part 1

The role of the Job Supporter can be confusing for everyone.

This session will explore the first four phases of The Seven Phase Sequence for Balancing Naturalness and Individual Needs. We’ll explore

  • How the job supporter devotes time to understanding the culture of the business
  • How new employees typically learn job tasks
  • How to identify allies within the business with the idea of honouring typical and valued ways of learning as much as possible.

All of this sets the stage for everyone to understand the role of the job supporter. No more “Who are you?”

Meet Milton Tyree

Portrait of Milton TyreeMilton has professional and personal experience over decades of helping people with disabilities have strong work roles. He uses the principles of SRV (Social Role Valorisation) as a foundation for his work.

Milton lives in Kentucky in the USA and works with Marc Gold & Associates, the pioneers of Customised Employment. He has run several workshops about customised employment for Imagine More. He has worked closely with us to support families exploring employment.