Working this out together

Jack Kruger presented alongside his Job Supporter and his work supervisors, providing an overview of his various work roles since he was 14.

Supporting the workplace to support the employee

In this presentation, Jack Kruger will share his various work roles since he was 14. He will describe his current position at Unilodge, where he works at the reception of a residential college at ANU. He’ll also describe his volunteering role at Lifeline.

Julia Shumaker, Jack’s Job Support, will describe how she applied Customised Employment principles to create a volunteering role for him at Lifeline. She’ll explain how her support role at Lifeline has now completely faded. Her experience with Lifeline gave her the confidence to apply the same principles to develop and support Jack in his current paid work role at Unilodge.

James and Rachael, Jack’s work supervisors, will provide an overview of their involvement in customising and supporting Jack in the Unilodge workplace.

Meet Jack Kruger

Portrait of Jack KrugerJack Kruger is a Cross Fit member, world traveller, movie enthusiast, employee, Learner driver and friend.

Jack attended local schools for his education and, as a result, is widely known within his community.  Jack finished school in 2020 at Daramalan College in Canberra, Australia.

Since finishing school, Jack has worked in various roles and paid an award wage. He is now crafting a meaningful week of work, study, sport and leisure.

Meet Julia Shumaker

Portrait of Julia Shumaker

Julia has been Jack Kruger’s Job Developer since 2018. During Jack’s school years and beyond, Julia has helped him secure various employment roles that align with his interests.

Julia has developed many of her skills by attending Social Role Valorisation (SRV) courses and other workshops by Imagine More. In 2022, she participated in a Peer Group that Milton Tyree (from Marc Gold & Associates) co-facilitated to support Job Supporters with their implementation of Customised Employment. She has been applying the knowledge she gained in these sessions to help Jack find and retain suitable work roles over the years.

Apart from being a skilled Job Developer, Julia is also an active member of a local dance studio and enjoys spending time outdoors in nature.

Meet James Jeffress and Rachel Cumming

  • General managers – Portfolio, Unilodge

Portrait of James JeffressJames and Rachel are General Managers for UniLodge @ ANU Portfolio, which manages 13 properties both on and off campus. Their team is responsible for property management and customer service. The team is diverse, with members from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and neurodiverse groups.

Recruiting suitable staff has been difficult in the current job market, but James’s and Rachel’s commitment to serving the community never wavers. They take pride in learning and growing with their team to provide the best service possible.

Portrait of Rachael Cumming