Why Learn Social Role Valorisation?

If people are in valued roles, the more likely they are to have access to the good things in life.

In this short presentation, Jane Sherwin introduced Social Role Valorisation and asks

Why Might Someone Be Interested in Learning About SRV?

It can be helpful to understand Social Role Valorisation (SRV) if you are involved in the life of someone who is marginalised or vulnerable to living on the margins of society through

  • impairment
  • health issues
  • older age
  • being homeless
  • being a refugee.

These are people who have some characteristics that leave them vulnerable to being stereotyped or excluded. They might also find it much harder to get a good education or healthcare or housing.

SRV also helps us to be aware of how our society operates or how human beings act in ways that lead to the marginalisation of individuals.

Understanding the impacts of social devaluation are is key to understanding the theory.

How Can We Assist People to Occupy Valued Roles?

To assist people to be in valued roles we need to think about

  • how to help them develop or maintain their skills
  • how to create environments so people are more likely to be perceived positively
  • what to be conscious of in the workplace or classroom that could enhance or reduce the person’s value.