Direct your support and live your life

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has given people with disability much more control over their lives. This includes the ability to choose supports that will help people with disability to move towards their goals.

Catherine Mahony is a well known and highly regarded community leader. Born blind, Catherine is committed to sharing her experiences as a person with disability. She hopes this will encourage people to focus on what is common to all people rather than our differences.

In this video, Catherine explains the different options for managing an NDIS plan. She tells how she uses ‘Shared Management’ to exercise her choice and control.

In this video,

  • 2:30 – What self-direction means
  • 3:50 – Different options for managing your NDIS funding
  • 11:15 – How Catherine uses shared management
  • 13:30 – Benefits of shared management
  • 16:00 – Tips for self-management

This video was recorded during a workshop on self-management in 2014.