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Being part of it (Connecting with community)

Hannah has become the author of her own life, thanks to her family's decision to seek the ordinary and typical right from the beginning.

Families enjoying the local parkJackie and her daughter, Hannah, tell how they have built an inclusive life for Hannah. This life, which Jackie describes as being “very ordinary”, includes taking on valued roles and being part of the local community.

Jackie describes how, in the early years, she sought out typical settings and activities for herself and Hannah, including local childcare, local mothers’ groups, and swimming lessons at the nearby community swimming pool. When it came time for kindergarten, Jackie canvassed the local schools and chose the school willing to welcome Hannah into the classroom.

As a result of this life of inclusion, Hannah has become the author of her own life. She holds many valued roles, is supported by a Circle of Support, and has many good friends and allies.

Hannah’s family self-manages her NDIS package. Jackie explains how they use this and other supports to help Hannah achieve her goals.

We recorded this presentation at our National Inclusion Conference in 2018. Unfortunately, the audio captured through the hand-held microphone was poor quality. However, we hope you’ll still learn much from Hannah and Jackie’s presentation.