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Riding the rapids from Kindy to Year 12

Jodie Reid shares her daughter's sometimes bumpy inclusion in local mainstream schools - and why she thinks the journey was well worth it.

A group of people riding the rapids on inflatablesJodie Reid’s experience with inclusive education has been like a white-water rafting trip – sometimes calm, sometimes bumpy, and sometimes you just have to hang on and go with it!

Her presentation follows the journey of her daughter Chloe as she progressed from Kindergarten to Year 12 at their local schools. Jodie explains why it was important for Chloe to attend their local primary school. She also shares tips and strategies they learned along the way, including the process of choosing a school.

Jodie’s presentation aims to encourage other families to pursue an inclusive school journey and enjoy the ride!

This recording was made during the National Inclusion Conference in 2018.