Safeguarding the future conference - Canberra, 23-24 May 2024

Registrations close at 5:00 pm AEST on Thursday, 16 May

Resources from Get That Good Life!

All resources provided by the presenters in our pre-conference and conference sessions will be available here. We will be adding resources throughout the conference, so please keep checking this page for new resources.

Pre-Conference Webinar resources

Don’t settle for “Doing Something Else”

Sarah Humphreys

Headshot of Milton TyreeDoing a Good Job of Getting a Good Job

Milton Tyree

Portrait of Janet KleesBuilding a Powerhouse Team: Families and Their Support

Janet Klees

Conference Day 1

Portrait of Janet KleesTowards Mastering the Essentials of the Powerhouse Team

Janet Klees

Portrait of Kate McGinnityGet That Good Life by Supporting New Behaviour

Kate McGinnity and Anna Nikolay

Portrait of Tim BavintonKeeping It Real: Relationships, Sexuality, and Pornography

Tim Bavinton

How to Be Driven by Vision, Not Fear

John Armstrong


Conference Day 2

Portrait of Shelley MooreLooking Through a Strength-Based Lens

Shelley Moore

Headshot of Milton TyreeGetting a Good Start in a Good Job

Milton Tyree, Jack Kruger, Julia Shumaker, and Jan Kruger

Translating High expectations into Quality Education

Sarah Humphreys

A Conversation with John and Jan

John Armstrong and Jan Kruger

I’m Ready for Work: Are You?

Fiona McIntosh

Portrait of Anne KeepMaking the Most of Therapy

Anne Keep