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What People Are Saying About Imagine More:

The Imagine More workshops and Belonging Matters conference helped lift our expectations for what is possible and to think strategically for our son’s future.

Attending the Belonging Matters conference was an epiphany for me and came at precisely the right time for our crucial decisions around our daughters education. ImagineMore has provided some fabulous opportunities and in a few short months has already challenged and broadened our thinking.

I just wanted to let you know that the first workshop was absolutely fantastic and has generated a lot of thoughts and practical implications

– Attendee: Capacity Building Workshop -

Best workshop I have ever attended and I am so looking forward to the following sessions.

– Attendee: Capacity Building Workshops -

Finally a practical approach that can be tailored to individuals and assists in defining, selecting, planning and implementing a good life that looks and is based on peoples abilities (capital) instead of globally defined deficits…

– Attendee: Capacity Building Workshops -