The team of Imagine More in December 2022

And that’s a wrap! 2022 in review and our plans for 2023

It’s mid-December, the time of year that the Imagine More team always anticipates things will be winding down. Yet here we are, still busily crafting workshops, booking speakers, collecting data, and writing reports. We’ll be in the office until next Wednesday, 21 December, and will return on Wednesday, 11 January 2023. We’re all looking forward to a few weeks off to recharge after the busyness of 2022.

What a fantastic year we have experienced together! The spectre of COVID is still hovering over us, so we’ve spent much of the year delivering our events in a COVID-safe way. Our peer groups, webinars, and online workshops have still managed to bring people together from across the globe. We’ve shared many stories about people with disability who are living wonderfully ordinary lives with the support of their tireless families and motivated professionals.

But we’ve found ourselves missing the bonds humans forge best when gathering face-to-face. No matter how hard we try, this connection can’t be replicated in an online event.

When we see each other in person, it allows us to build strong relationships. It reminds us just how valuable conversations can be while sipping a cup of tea. Communication is so much easier when the other person is sitting beside us.

So we are thrilled that the year has concluded with three in-person events! We look forward to bringing people together more often next year while continuing to engage with people online.

And speaking of next year, we spent a day last week mapping out an event plan for 2023. The calendar is positively bursting with peer group meetings, workshops, and even a conference! It’s going to be a fabulous year.

But for now, I hope you enjoy what I assume will be a much-needed break over the Christmas period. May the Christmas season bring you love, joy, and precious time to cherish the people most important to you.

Take care. See you next year!

Jan Kruger

On behalf of the Directors of Imagine More

This article was first published in our newsletter on 16 December, 2022