Finding Work Through Connections and Community

Ann Greer discusses why work is so important, and why it’s essential to prepare for work early. This is the second session of the Let's Get To Work Virtual Conference in June 2020.

People with impairments will generally have different learning and movement styles. Systematic instruction of tasks is often required. Attention must also be paid to matching the most effective supports to the individual and the workplace.

One of the benefits of working is getting paid, so Ann discussed the meaning of money and how to support people with intellectual disabilities to budget.


Try Another Way

This video was mentioned during Ann’s presentation.

Meet Ann Greer

Portrait of Ann GreerAnn is a committed advocate for everyone to have the opportunity for paid work.  She believes that work gives us important social connections. Ann is a strong advocate for a good life for all including people with disabilities, their parents, brothers and sisters. She has spent many years working out what support works best to open up the world for people.

Ann has been working in the disability world for over 40 years. This is almost as long as she has been a mother to Jane, Sally and Valen. Both Jane and Valen having significant but different disabilities.  All Ann’s children know and understand the value of work and have been engaged in paid work of different kinds over many years.