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Stories of Microenterprise

On this page you can watch the recording of the sixth and final session of the Let's Get To Work Virtual Conference in July 2020.

Let’s Get to Work – Session 6

Our final session of the virtual conference took place on July 16, 2020.

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Freya and Donna Toussaint stand in their store, Thinking of You GiftFreya and Donna Toussaint – Owners of Thinking Of You Gift

Freya and Donna are the daughter-mother team behind Thinking Of You Gift, a gift service and shop called which operates at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

They will explain what steps they followed to establish this microenterprise.

Master Shredder: Powered by possibility, not defined by disability

Emma, the Master Shredder, standing next to her care, pointing to the signwriting, "Powered by possibility, not defined by disability".Joanne Lynam, Mother of Emma, The Master Shredder

Joanne will share the story of how her daughter, Emma, started her microenterprise, The Master Shredder. Joanne used her connections in the community to get the business started and then to grow.

Emma began her business with significant paid support. But Joanne had always planned to reduce this as Emma developed her skills. Emma’s staff have successfully faded support, and now she works independently.

Meet the Presenters

Freya and Donna Toussaint

Donna and Freya ToussaintFreya loves receiving and giving gifts. Donna has worked as a florist and in the arts industry all her life. Together the daughter-mother team are partners in a gift service and shop called Thinking Of You Gift, which operates at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Donna spent a frantic few years dreaming and scheming, looking for opportunities for Freya’s employment. 2020 marks the fifth year of the kiosk‘s opening, which was launched in 2015 prior to Freya leaving school.

Both partners are proud of their achievement at establishing a unique business built on their own gifts and talents.

Jo Lynam

Joanne LynamJo Lynam is a mother of three. Her youngest child, Emma, was born with a range of disabilities. When Emma was young, Jo fought hard for her daughter to be included in her community. But the education system was far from supportive 20 years ago.

When Emma completed school Jo knew that she needed to find a way for Emma to be able to be included and serve her community just like any other young school leaver. In 2015, Jo helped her daughter start a small shredding business. Emma began with just one paying client, but today she has more than 30 clients. The confidence that working has given Emma has seen her move into her own home and travel overseas.