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Session 3 – September 29, 2021

These are the resources from the third and final session of the My Home, My Way workshop. On this page you'll find a recording of the workshop session and the resources mentioned during the workshop.

Thank you for attending session three of the My Home, My Way workshop. It was a fantastic final session, and we hope you got a lot from it.

If you have any questions about the workshop series, please contact Gayle

The topics covered in this session include:

  • Support options
  • Individualised Living Options (ILO)
  • Overcoming fears
  • Renewing and safeguarding

Gayle Herbert’s presentation about Individualised Living Options is embedded in the replay and also available to watch as a standalone video below the replay.

Download A Copy Of The Slides Here (PDF, 10 MB)

Please note that the replay has been edited to remove breaks and participant conversation at the end of the workshop.

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Resources mentioned in the workshop

Support Options – Creative Use of Informal Supports – Jac’s Place

Jacob Hughes has made the move to live independently. This short film celebrates his life, the plan to give him the opportunity to have his own place, and the team of people who worked together to make it a reality.

Video running time: 10 minutes

Housemates – Sean Fisher’s Story

In November 2020, we invited Lisa Bridle to speak to our Imagining Home Peer Group about her son Sean’s homeshare arrangement. It was a fabulous session filled with many great ideas, insights, and practical tips.

Video running time: 1 hour, 4 minutes

In this video, Lisa mentions some resources which we’ve made available to you:

You might also like to download a copy of the notes that were distributed after this Peer Group session as they provide some additional detail about Sean’s homeshare arrangement.


Listen to Mel and Mary as they explain what Homeshare means and the benefits they’ve each experienced.

Video playing time: 6 minutes

The Shouted Goodbye – By Jeremy Ward

You can purchase copies of this book online from


Cameron Skinner lived with his parents Maggie and Greg but always knew he wanted his own home. With the support of his folks, his friends, and some brilliant housemates, he is now thriving in his own home.

Please note that we only played a section of this video during the workshop. The full version is below.

Video playing time: 8 minutes


Support Options – Paid Supports

The House Sitter

How Cameron practised living away from the family home in a creative way.

Video playing time: 5 minutes

Occasional Time Away

Gus has also had some opportunities to practise living away from the family home and being a housemate.

  • He received some funding in his NDIS plan. It was Daily Activities STA and Assistance (including respite) funding 1:3 for weekdays and Saturdays. We also used flexible core funding.
  • The Mentor from HireUp was paid according to the HireUp formula for hourly support, overtime, evenings, and sleepovers
  • The Mentor that we directly employ was paid according to the SCHADS Industry Award covering ordinary hours, overtime, evenings, and sleepovers.
  • Mentor meals were covered as part of the arrangement.

Using Funding Creatively

The presentation by Gayle Herbert, our Individualised Living Options (ILO) Coordinator, is embedded as part of the workshop recording.

Video playing time: 8 minutes


Overcoming Fears

We broke into small groups and brainstormed some of the previously identified fears, barriers, and resistances.

Fear: Finding the right neighbourhood

Brainstorming fear of finding right neighbourhood and housemates

Resistance: to moving from the family home

Brainstorm resistance to moving out of family home

Fear: Eating well and resisting food-based temptations

Brainstorming the fear of not being able to resist healthy foods

Fear: not being able to tell the time

Brainstorming the fear of not being able to tell time

Barrier: the high cost of buying a house

Brainstorming the barrier of the cost of home ownership

Fear: How to keep the person safe if they leave the house without letting anyone know

Fear - how to keep the person safe if they leave the home without telling anybody

Barrier: Finding the time to do the planning and research

Brainstorming the barrier - finding time to plan and research

Settling Into My Own Home

Renewing and Safeguarding

Circles of Support

For more information about Circles of Support, visit the following websites:

Other Safeguards

More information

ILO Mentors and Workshops/Webinars

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