Safeguarding the future conference - Canberra, 23-24 May 2024

James Jeffress

James and his colleague, Rachael, are General Managers at UniLodge. They'll share how they've been involved in customising and supporting Jack Kruger in the Unilodge workplace.

About James Jeffress

  • General manager – Portfolio, Unilodge

Portrait of James JeffressJames is one of the General Managers for UniLodge @ ANU Portfolio, which manages 13 properties both on and off campus. Their team is responsible for property management and customer service. The team is diverse, with members from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and neurodiverse groups.

Recruiting suitable staff has been difficult in the current job market, but James’s commitment to serving the community never wavers. He takes pride in learning and growing with his team to provide the best service possible.

Working this out together: Supporting the workplace to support the employee

Jack Kruger, Julia Shumaker, James Jeffress, Rachael Cumming

In this presentation, Jack Kruger shared his various work roles since he was 14. He describes his current position at Unilodge, where he works at the reception of a residential college at ANU. He also describes his volunteering role at Lifeline.

Julia Shumaker, Jack’s Job Support, explains how she applied Customised Employment principles to create a volunteering role for him at Lifeline. She describes how her support role at Lifeline has now completely faded. Her experience with Lifeline gave her the confidence to apply the same principles to develop and support Jack in his current paid work role at Unilodge.

James and Rachael, Jack’s work supervisors, provided an overview of their involvement in customising and supporting Jack in the Unilodge workplace.

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