Dr Jenny Crosbie PhD

In her presentation, Dr Jenny Crosbie will identify obstacles to delivering customised employment in Australia and provide solutions to overcome them.

About Dr Jenny Crosbie

  • Portrait of Dr Jenny CrosbieBachelor of Arts (Disability Studies), Deakin University, 1992
  • Graduate Diploma (Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management), University of Melbourne, 1997
  • PhD, Swinburne University, 2023

For 35 years, Jenny has been dedicated to supporting people with disabilities to participate in their community. She has worked in research, advocacy, and practice roles. Her primary focus is on addressing the barriers that young people with intellectual disabilities face when it comes to economic participation. This includes systemic barriers that limit the opportunities available to them. Jenny’s PhD research offers a new way of thinking about economic participation for young people with intellectual disabilities. She also identifies factors that promote their inclusion in community-based economic participation roles.

Customised Employment in the Australian System

Customised Employment is a proven method that helps people with intellectual disabilities find jobs within their communities. However, successfully implementing this approach in Australia depends on understanding the policies and practices that support employment for people with disabilities.

This presentation will analyse the ecosystem to identify obstacles to delivering Customised Employment in Australia and provide solutions to overcome them.

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