Support Staff Training

If you are looking for a resource to help you train your support staff, take a look at this resource from John Armstrong

Meet John Armstrong

John ArmstrongJohn Armstrong is a Human Services Consultant and Evaluator and a Senior Trainer of Social Role Valorisation. He is a popular presenter and has delivered many workshops for Imagine More.

John has developed a series of online video training for support staff which includes:

  • Full video access for all staff
  • Relevant handouts and articles
  • End of topic quizzes to ensure understanding
  • Real-time access to the presenter for questions and discussion

About this training

The training topics include:

1. A brief history of Human Services for people with impairments

A history of how the disability sector got to where we are now and implications for current services.

2. What we always needed to know about intellectual impairment but were never told

This workshop examines the functional impacts of intellectual disability that is seldom taught.

3. Key ideas for helping maintain quality in service efforts

Bringing the concept of quality back into thinking. John defines the purpose of service. He explores the kind of life that services can support people to enjoy.

4. Key principles for supporting people with complex needs

Explores how to work with people who have complex needs. Also addresses how to prevent harm and how to provide culturally relevant support.

5. Helpful perspectives when working with families

Explains the major concerns that families have about support workers. Discusses how to provide service in the context of home, and how to form right relationships.

6. Making valued roles happen for people

How to help people achieve socially-valued roles. Provides key strategies for supporting people to keep valued roles.

7. Shaping who we are

Our values and behaviour and how we form views of the world can deeply influence our view of other people. John identifiess the values that can guide and underpin good service efforts.

8. Helping people make good choices and decisions

Examines the various levels of choice and what they mean for achieving the Good Life. Explores the role of both staff and the agency in supporting people to make good decisions.

9. Key ideas to make change happen

John examines the essential features of change. He identifies what an effective service culture can do to promote the best efforts of staff and their support of each other.

10. When Policies Aren’t Enough

Why abuse occurs in Human Services and how to avoid it.

Further information about each programme is available online.