Safeguarding the future conference - Canberra, 23-24 May 2024

Success in Transitions Conference – 2014

This was our second conference and was held over two days in November 2014. We hosted local, national, and international speakers. In their presentations, we asked them to identify strategies that enable people to create success out of times of change.

The introduction of the NDIS in Canberra in July 2014 meant that

  • individuals had to have a clear vision for their future, and
  • the people supporting them needed to understand how to help them to achieve their dreams.

The Success in Transitions conference aimed to

  • help people identify what the good things of life are
  • demonstrate how others have moved towards achieving their goals
  • share the importance of positive relationships and valued roles in the community.


  • Community and Inclusion: The National Disability Strategy – Maureen Sheehan
  • The Importance of a Vision and Potential Focusing – Nathan Basha
  • The Role of Development During Transitions in Life – Dr Bob Jackson
  • From Disability to Possibility – Dr Patrick Schwarz
  • Literacy for Life – Gus and Jacki Reichelt
  • Siblings – Rhiannon Brodie
  • Reconnecting and Maintaining a Sibling Relationship – Dr Alison Proctor
  • Give Him the Whale – Patrick Schwarz
  • Tips for Primary School – Jan Kruger
  • Tips for High School – Helen and Caitlin Beasley
  • Making the Move from Family Home to My Own Home – Emma and Francis Brodie
  • Transitioning Together – Dr Alison Proctor and Suzie Proctor
  • Positive Advocacy for Change – Dr Bob Jackson
  • A Friend Indeed: Promoting Meaningful and Social Relationships – Patrick Schwarz
  • Inclusive Education: Engaging Everybody – Patrick Schwarz
  • Preparing for Work: Starting Early – Jeannette Purkis
  • Preparing for Work: Starting Early – Nathan Basha
  • Building Belonging – Dr Bob Jackson
  • Transitioning for Early Intervention to Preschool: The Importance of Play – Jean Walker, Debra Evans, Kirsten Cross
  • ¬†Behaviour Development vs Behaviour Management – Dr Bob Jackson
  • Circles of Support – Merrelin Robbins
  • Microboards – Sheree Henley
  • Making the Most of the NDIS – Fiona May
  • You’re Welcome – Patrick Schwarz
  • Panel Session – Graham West, Patrick Schwarz, Dr Bob Jackson, Jan Kruger