Customised Employment

Welcome to the starting point for families exploring Customised Employment. If you’re looking to grasp the fundamentals of Customised Employment or preparing to join our Customised Employment Peer Group, you’re in the right place.

We’ve assembled these essential resources to give you a solid grounding in Customised Employment principles and practices. This will help you determine if Customised Employment is the right fit for your family.

On this page, you’ll find:

  • Case Study: The Research Technician (4 minutes) – See Customised Employment in action through Gus’s role at CSIRO
  • Customised Employment Explained (7 minutes) – An animated introduction ideal for sharing with your support circle, educators, and prospective employers. (Available January 2024)
  • The Discovery Process (90 minutes) – Delve into the Discovery, the essential first step in Customised Employment
  • Defining Customised Employment (60 minutes) – Understand how Customised Employment is different from traditional employment models,

We suggest watching the videos in the order listed to build your understanding step by step. Altogether, the videos will take just over 2.5 hours to watch.

Bookmark this page for quick reference and delve deeper with more free resources on our Customised Employment resource page.

We hope you join our peer support community in creating inclusive employment opportunities.