Sethmi Lekamarachchi

Sethmi and her mother, Erosha, explain how her family helped her build a micro-enterprise based on subtle interests they noticed during the Discovery process.

About Sethmi Lekamarachchi

Portrait of Sethmi LekamarachchiSethmi is a wonderful daughter, sister,  Year 9 student, dancer, speaker and a proud micro business owner.

Sethmi started her journey towards an inclusive education when she was in Year 2, and since then has been a force to be reckoned with. She has been pleasantly surprising her family, teachers and friends with all of her achievements so far.

As a micro business owner, Sethmi has been making gains in finding what motivates her to run a food business. She has proven that nothing is impossible for young people with disability when the right kind of attitude and supports are available!

Creating a micro-enterprise to explore Sethmi’s interests

Sethmi Lekamarachchi and Erosha Bakmiwewa

Erosha’s daughter Sethmi, who is in year 9, is the focus of her presentation. Erosha explains how her family created a micro-enterprise for Sethmi based on subtle interests they noticed during the Discovery process. She explains

  • how their family has approached Discovery to learn about Sethmi’s interests, needs and skills
  • how they created work experience activities for Sethmi
  • how they recognised and tested Sethmi’s interest in food preparation at school and home
  • how they thought about a product that Sethmi could make
  • how they came up with the idea to approach a food-based business for an opportunity for Sethmi to sell her product
  • what this opportunity has taught Sethmi’s family about Sethmi
  • what they will be exploring in the future.

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