Will Coventry

Will Coventry will be presenting on Day 2 of the Opening Opportunities conference alongside his mother, Anna Coventry. They'll share their journey in crafting a meaningful week of work and volunteering with the support of Will's Circle of Support.

About Will Coventry

Portrait of Will Coventry

Will graduated from school in 2016. Since leaving school, Will has worked part-time as an administrative assistant in three businesses in Brisbane’s CBD. He also volunteers at Meals on Wheels one day a week.

Will enjoys sports and is a member of The Renegades, a touch football team. He is a Broncos and Reds rugby supporter. He also loves taking photos, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family.

Will at work

Will Coventry and Anna Coventry

Will and Anna will share their journey in crafting a meaningful week of work and volunteering with the support of Will’s Circle of Support. In this presentation, you will hear about:

  • Will’s vision for lifelong employment
  • when and why Will’s family decided to look for volunteering and employment roles for Will
  • the steps his family took to explore and set up work experience, volunteering and employment, with the help of Will’s circle of support
  • the role Will’s school played and what it might have done to make the transition from school to work even more successful
  • what Will’s family and supporters have done to sustain paid work
  • how good workplace relationships have been nurtured, including through the use of Will’s alternative communication method
  • the supports that are in place to help Will succeed.

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