The people who attended our Family Leadership weekend in 2018.

Vale, Jeremy Ward

Jeremy WardI find it hard to describe the great sorrow we all feel with the loss of Jeremy Ward, who passed away on 6 July after a short battle with cancer.

Jeremy was such a kind, inspirational, thoughtful man. He was a devoted husband, loving father, doting grandfather and friend to many. He was a strong advocate and courageously sought the good things in life for vulnerable people in our society.

Jeremy presented at several Imagine More events/conferences. In 2018, he co-facilitated our family leadership weekend with his wife, Marg.

In 2015, Jeremy wrote The Shouted Goodbye, a memoir about raising his daughter, Mena. In it, he shares the ideas, strategies, and advocacy tips used to ensure that Mena would enjoy a rich life despite her disability.

The book explores Mena’s school education, how their family started a circle of support, how Mena’s small business led to her finding other meaningful employment and, of course, how she moved into her own home. It’s a wonderful read for other families seeking the good things of life for their children with disability.

What a magnificent gift Jeremy leaves with us all!

Our love and thoughts are with Marg and their family during this difficult time.