Safeguarding the future conference - Canberra, 23-24 May 2024

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Milton Tyree

Milton Tyree is our keynote speaker and will be taking us on a journey from Discovery to Job Support over the course of the two-day conference.

About Milton Tyree

Portrait of Milton TyreeMilton has professional and personal experience over decades of helping people with disabilities have strong work roles. He uses the principles of SRV (Social Role Valorisation) as a foundation for his work.

Milton lives in Kentucky in the USA and works with Marc Gold & Associates, the pioneers of Customised Employment. He has run several workshops about customised employment for Imagine More. He has worked closely with us to support families exploring employment.

We’re delighted to welcome Milton back to Australia as our keynote speaker for the Opening Opportunities conference.

Milton’s presentations

Milton spoke several times during the two-day program.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Discovery and Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Day 1, Session 1 

This session begins by exploring Discovery as an alternative to competitive, comparative methods of traditional vocational assessment. It directly challenges the limiting “everybody knows” mindsets that too often get in the way of people with disabilities getting fitting, challenging, socially valued jobs. Discovery involves establishing a balanced relationship with the job candidate, developing mutual understanding and trust by exploring different life contexts and understanding past experiences to determine future possibilities.

Milton will then explore the relationship between Discovery and Customised Employment, starting with studying tasks within targeted businesses. This involves getting to know the employer by listening, exploring, and understanding their needs in three key areas: employees, work setting, and customers.

During this process, Milton will examine three primary business needs, including unmet needs, tasks better performed by others, and tasks that require specific skills.

Watch ‘Don’t believe everything you think’

Customised Job Development: A Creature of Habit No More

Day 1, Session 2

Customised Job Development requires developing a new kind of muscle memory. And we likely have competing habits, competing muscle memory, and reflexive habits based on former professional training and experience.

Customised Job Development does not involve job openings, competitive interviews, traditional resumes, or existing job descriptions.

Watch ‘Customised Job Development: A creature of habit no more’

Who are you? The evolving role of job supporter

Day 2, Session 3

The role of the job supporter can be confusing for everyone.

This session will explore the first four phases of The Seven Phase Sequence for Balancing Naturalness and Individual Needs. We’ll explore

  • How the job supporter devotes time to understanding the culture of the business
  • How new employees typically learn job tasks
  • How to identify allies within the business with the idea of honouring typical and valued ways of learning as much as possible.

All of this sets the stage for everyone to understand the role of the job supporter. No more “Who are you?”

Watch ‘Who are you? Part 1’

Who are you 2? The evolving role of job supporter

Day 2, Session 4

Phases 5, 6 and 7 of The Seven Phase Sequence will be the focus of this session.

  • What if the initial support plans didn’t work out as intended?
  • How can everyone proceed if the typical means for learning the job isn’t sufficient for the employee with a disability?
  • What are the considerations if it’s determined that there needs to be a method modification or adaptation?
  • And what is the job supporter’s role in all of this?

Watch ‘Who are you? Part 2’

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Learn more about Milton Tyree

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