School to Work: Imagining Work Webinar – Replay and Resources

Thank you for your interest in the School to Work Project and for registering to attend this on-demand event. This page houses the webinar that was designed for students in Years 7 and 8, and for students in upper primary school.

On this page, you’ll find

  • the replay of our August 2021 webinar
  • a selection of resources that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Important: All of the references that were referenced in the video have been added to the page below the video. We will not be sending these resources by email as was stated in some of the series videos.

You have until 5:00 PM AEDT on Sunday, 21 November to review the replays and resources.

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Replay of the Webinar

  • Playing time: 70 minutes

Download a copy of the slides (PDF, 6 MB)

Our Core Beliefs

The Good Things in Life

An infographic showing some of the good things in life

  • Playing time: 00:03:31
  • During the presentation, we started the video at the 00:02:15 mark
  • In this section, both Ann and Jan mentioned “SRV” or Social Role Valorisation. SRV forms the foundation of all of the work that we do at Imagine More. If you are interested in learning more about SRV, please explore our Social Role Valorisation Resources page.


The vision of a positive life can become a compass to navigate towards a rich and varied life that includes meaningful employment.

Wendy Stroeve: Clarity of Vision

In this video, Wendy Stroeve explains the importance of having a clear vision about the kind of life a person with disability wants to achieve.

  • Playing time: 00:15:08

Vision Statements

Explore some examples of Vision Statements

Image comparing typical life experiences to segregated ones

Where to Start: The Ordinary Path

Where to start: the ordinary path

Explore other examples of customised employment in our website’s Employment Resources section.

The Hiring Chain

  • Playing time: 00:01:44

Let’s Get to Work: Zellner Services

  • Playing time: 00:06:10

Examples of Interests leading to employment

Tracking of a young man's interests over time demonstrating how some led to paid employment

A visual map of a young man's work exploration pathway over four years

Community Asset Mapping


Light Work

Having Conversations with Others

Using strength and role-based language and embedding positive attributes and interests paints a picture of who the person is.


Instead of this…

Try this…

My daughter with Autism

My daughter, Beth

He can’t…

He needs support to…


A real body talker

She loves painting

She’s an artist

He’s 15 but he functions at a 10-year-old level

My son is a teenager, he’s 15

Be Open to Possibilities

  • Playing time: 00:04:13

Things to think about as you watch this video

  • Notice the way the CSIRO customised the interview process
  • Be open to role possibilities in industries where the majority of tasks are highly technical, including science
  • It’s important to intentionally foster a sense of belonging between the person and their team members. Look for the natural social times like morning tea/lunches.

Key Messages

The key messages of this webinar

Other Resources Mentioned in the Webinar

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